Unnamed "Husband" of "Miss Smith"

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Unnamed "Husband" of "Miss Smith"
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Unnamed "Husband" of "Miss Smith"
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The biological father of Buck Thorpe in "Tomorrow" is an exceptionally illusive figure. Both "Miss Smith" and her brothers, the Thorpes, state that she was married when she arrived in Frenchman's Bend, eight months pregnant. If so, it's never made clear why she leaves her husband. All her "oldest brother" tells Isham Quick is that they "done already attended to" him (106). What he did as her husband, however, or if he was in fact her husband, or what they did to or for him - these questions remain unanswered. The brothers arrive to reclaim the their sister's child, but it's apparent that they have no intention of involving his father in their plans for the child as a 'Thorpe.'