Unnamed Hitman

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Unnamed Hitman
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Unnamed Hitman
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The "gorilla," the "thug" whom Granby Dodge "hired . . . down here from Memphis” (31) to murder Judge Dukinfield is “a smallish man in city clothes” (28). He is both unremarkable and unsettling, “with a face like a shaved wax doll, and eyes with a still way of looking and a voice with a still way of talking” (28–29). His appearance and criminal propensities recall aspects of Popeye from Sanctuary. The hitman performs his task, but he is a dope user, and gets himself arrested when he runs down a child at Battenburg (“he was still full of dope," Gavin surmises; likely he had taken another shot of it when he finished his job" in Jefferson, 31).

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