Unnamed Hardwick Jailer

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Unnamed Hardwick Jailer
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Unnamed Hardwick Jailer
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Although he is not specifically mentioned in The Reivers, the "jailor" in the county sheriff's office in Hardwick can be inferred from the number of times the cells are locked and unlocked while Boon is there (270). The "jailor's wife," on the other hand, is mentioned, though not named (270). (According to the "Corrected Texts" that Noel Polk edited for Vintage International, Faulkner spelled "jailer" with an 'e' in "That Evening Sun," Intruder in the Dust, "An Error in Chemistry" and Requiem for a Nun but with an 'o' in "Monk" and The Reivers. "Jailer" is more standard in American usage, so we use that spelling for all DY's Cumulative Character names, but preserve "jailor" in the individual Character entries for the second set of texts.)