Unnamed Former Aviator

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Unnamed Former Aviator
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Unnamed Former Aviator
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This former World War I R.A.F. pilot is described by the narrator of "All the Dead Pilots" as "ack emma, warrant officer pilot, captain and M.C. in turn" (512). This list seems to summarize his rise through the ranks during the War, though not every term is clear. "Ack emma" was a common abbreviation during the War among British troops for "a.m." - morning - though what it means in reference to a young pilot is obscure. "M.C." almost certainly refers to the British 'Military Cross,' a medal awarded for 'an act or acts of exemplary gallantry during active operations against the enemy' - though historically he should have received a 'D.F.C," the 'Distinguished Flying Cross.' He regards regards the younger generation of pilots and planes as less heroic to the aviators of the War.