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Unnamed Farmers 6
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Unnamed Farmers 6
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These Yoknapatawpha farmers are part of "Knight's Gambit" in two ways. As a larger group, they become part of the audience that watches as Mr. Harriss transforms a traditional county plantation into a kind of Hollywood set. Some of them cross "the whole county" to watch the landscapers and builders at work (161), and "farmers" are specifically included in the groups of spectators who attend the sporting events that are staged there (163). In addition, for the farm families who live along the county roads that Harriss' out-of-town guests speed up and down, the Harriss property becomes "a secondary source of rural income": whenever one of those cars runs over one of their "hogs" or "mules" or "hens," they can be compensated in cash by simply applying at the Harriss' front door (163).