Unnamed Confederate Trainmen

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Unnamed Confederate Trainmen
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Unnamed Confederate Trainmen
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In a passage added to "Raid" as a chapter of The Unvanquished, Drusilla tells Ringo about the race between two railroad trains, one driven by Confederates and the other by Union forces, who rushed past Hawkhurst before the track was destroyed by Yankee troops. Her story may have been inspired by an actual event - the Andrews Raid, which took place between Atlanta and Chattanooga on April 12, 1862 - but her version reverses the order of the "chase": in the actual raid, Union forces in Confederate-held Atlanta stole a locomotive and were then pursued by by Confederates in another locomotive. Drusilla's story does not specify who the Confederate participants were, but it is implied that the raid was a way for the "gray generals" to show people in the South "a glimpse of that for which you have suffered and been denied" (97).