Unnamed Boys in Jefferson 2

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Unnamed Boys in Jefferson 2
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Unnamed Boys in Jefferson 2
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This entry represents the boys who appear or are referred to in various passages in The Town. For example, Mink Snopes called out from the jail to passing boys "he could trust would deliver his message" to Flem Snopes (85). "All the boys in town" appreciate Eck Snopes' goodness and the "raw peanuts" he is always willing to share with them (116). "All the boys in Jefferson between six and twelve years old and sometimes even older" enjoy stealing watermelons from Ab Snopes' patch, then watching him rage about the loss (138). Uncle Willy Christian - if approached at the right times - gives the boys on the baseball teams "balls and bats" and "ice cream free whether they won or not" (163). The "two boys" at Uncle Willy's drugstore with "their heads inside the open safe looking at where the money had been stolen from" are probably on one of these teams (164). Since Faulkner often uses the word 'all' to describe a group that is entirely 'white,' we assume there are no non-white boys in any of these groups.

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