Tulls' Farm (Location Key)


Tull's farm is one of the Yoknapatawpha locations that Faulkner moves around to suit the demands of his various fictions. On the map of the county that Faulkner himself drew in 1936, Tull's farm is located north of the Yoknapatawpha River, and northeast of Frenchman's Bend; this is where it seems to be located in "Shingles for the Lord," published in 1943. In two earlier novels, however, it seems to be in two other places in the Frenchman's Bend part of the county. In As I Lay Dying (1930) it clearly lies along the southern bank of the river, and is connected to Frenchman's Bend by a bridge. And in Sanctuary (1931) it is the nearest neighbor to the old Frenchman place, which would put it at least two miles away from the spot it occupies on the map. It's one of the many small cotton farms in that part of the county.

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Tulls' Farm
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Tulls' Farm