Tull, Daughters of Vernon

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Tull, Daughters of Vernon
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Tull, Daughters of Vernon
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The children of Frenchman's Bend farmer Vernon Tull and his wife are all girls, but there is no consensus among the fictions about how many daughters they have. In the earliest representation of the Tull family, As I Lay Dying, there are two, named Eula and Kate. In "Spotted Horses" there are three - none named. In The Hamlet, there are four, again not named; though one of these girls is referred to as the "biggest" when all four appear at the Snopes trial, they are described as a unit when they "turn their heads as one head" (357). Similarly, the narrator of "Two Soldiers" refers generically to "them girls of Tull's" (83). Eula and Kate Tull have separate entries in our database, but since in the three other cases these daughters are treated as a unit, this entry includes them all.