On the Trains between Jefferson and Oxford (Location Key)


Several different kinds of events take place on the 4 (or possibly 6) trains that Horace rides to and from Oxford in Chapter 19 of Sanctuary: the narrator describes the way the other passengers on the first train look in surprisingly stark and violent terms (168), and depicts a scene of college students being young and bright on the second train (168-70); on the first return train Horace has a long conversation with Clarence Snopes (172-77). And many different kinds of people ride on these trains, including a man who "spits tobacco juice" onto the floor (168) and "a countrywoman with an infant in her arms" (170); almost parenthetically, the narrator notes the existence of the "jim crow car," in which black people have to ride (168). Because Faulkner makes it so difficult to figure out the route Horace travels, we have decided to use this one location as the setting for all these episodes. (In Chapter 23 Horace takes trains to and from Memphis, but those trips are not narrated at all.)

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On the Trains between Jefferson and Oxford
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On the Trains between Jefferson and Oxford