Thomas Sutpen's Sister 2

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Thomas Sutpen's Sister 2
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Sutpen, Sister of Thomas 2
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Based on the phrase "one of the sisters" in Absalom!, we can say that Thomas Sutpen has at least two sisters (185). This entry is not the sister who gets pregnant, twice, during the family's trip from the mountains to the Tidewater region of Virginia. Sister(2) may be the one who altered their father's hand-me-down clothes to fit the young Thomas (185), or she may be the sister who refuses to "give way" to a rich family's carriage (187), or she may be the sister whom Thomas sees still later, after he has been turned away from the big house, as "shapeless in a calico dress and a pair of old man's shoes unlaced and flapping about her bare ankles and broad in the beam as a cow" (191). From the text, however, we cannot say for sure if Sister(2) does any or all of these things.