Third Day on the Road to Hawkhurst (Location Key)


This site near and beyond the Mississippi-Alabama border represents our speculation about where Rosa and the boys spend the third night of their journey "along that big broad empty road between the burned houses and gins and fences" that is taking them to Hawkhurst (40, 83). Bayard tells us that "Before it had been like passing through a country where nobody had ever lived; now it was like passing through one where everybody had died at the same moment" (84). In the story the trip ends on the fourth day, but Faulkner lengthens it in the novel by referring to the day they reach Hawkhurst as "the sixth day" (85). He does not, however, say anything about what happens during the extra day, or provide any information about where the travelers stop each night.

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Third Day on the Road to Hawkhurst
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Third Day on the Road to Hawkhurst