This is the first of the three Unvanquished stories that Faulkner published after the publication of Absalom! Ringo is the only member of the family to play a substantial role. For example, Loosh appears only when Bayard compares the poor people of Yoknapatawpha looking at Granny to the way the hounds used to look at Loosh when he went into their kennels to feed them (85). Ringo is still a slave, but when Bayard notes that "he was taller than me now" (78), it feels like an acknowledgment of the amount of independence and authority Ringo displays as Granny's resourceful second-in-command in the bloodless campaign to convert Yankee mules into cash to sustain the collapsing economy of the county.

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"The Unvanquished"
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Strothers in The Unvanquished (story)
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