In this story Louvinia, talking to Ringo, calls Joby "your pappy" (18), which would make Louvinia his mother and Loosh his brother, but this is the only suggestion of Ringo's specific place on the family tree, and "pappy" here seems more like a generic term (like mammy) than a biological fact (like father). There is no other indication in this story or any of the other Unvanquished stories that Ringo is Joby's son. It is in this story that Loosh, who is explicitly identified as Louvinia's son, proclaims his own emancipation after the Union army arrives at the plantation: "I don't belong to John Sartoris now; I belongs to me and God." After this, he and a reluctant Philadelphy leave to follow the soldiers "to Jordan" (35). Loosh's rebelliousness causes considerable consternation inside his family, but the story gives no sign about the way his parents react to his departure.

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Strothers in Retreat
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