Faulkner's third detective story again features Gavin as the detective, and as his father it brings back the mayor Stevens who was called "Judge" in "A Rose for Emily" and is referred to here once as "Captain Stevens" - the only indication anywhere of military service in the family's past. It also introduces a new member of the family, the boy called (once) "Chick," who narrates the story and refers to Gavin throughout as "Uncle Gavin." In addition, it implies a sister for Gavin, though she is only mentioned (once, by Gavin) as "your [his nephew's] mother." The story's mystery revolves around the power of a non-biological familial bond, but although it briefly rehearses the role Gavin will play in later tales as Chick's surrogate father, Faulkner's decision to include Chick seems essentially a structural and generic choice, to provide his 'Sherlock Holmes' with his own 'Watson' as admiring narrator.

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Stevenses in Tomorrow
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Chick - "Tomorrow"
Gavin Stevens - "Tomorrow"