Starkville, Mississippi (Location Key)


Starkville, Mississippi, is home to Mississippi State University. Faulkner never mentions this university by name, but we assume it is the unnamed "college" and "agricultural college" that is mentioned in four of his fictions. "Starkville" is the site of the baseball game against a rival college that Temple Drake never sees in Sanctuary (37) - a part of her story that is referred to again in Requiem for a Nun, though again without naming the "other college" (100). In The Hamlet Hoake McCarron spends a year at an "agricultural college," though "without even matriculating" (151); the Agricultural and Mechanical College at Mississippi State was established in 1878, so again we assume he is in Starkville while 'not-attending' this school. And when the McCallum family decides to stop growing cotton in "The Tall Men," and Buddy McCallum's twin sons "went off a year to the agricultural college to learn right about whiteface cattle" (57), we again assume they go to Starkville.

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Starkville, Mississippi
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Starkville, Mississippi