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Spoade I
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In The Sound and the Fury Spoade is the last name of a senior at Harvard College with Quentin in 1910. He jokingly calls Shreve Quentin's "husband" (78). Quentin says Spoade has "five names, including that of a present English ducal house" (91-92), but he never thinks of him except as "Spoade" - his first name is never given. He is from South Carolina, and lives up to the image of a southern aristocrat in a number of ways besides his name, including the fact that he goes to chapel every day in dishabille. Quentin can tell it's nearly noon when he sees that Spoade has put his shirt on (95). He is mentioned in The Mansion as having "been at Harvard back in 1909" with Gavin Stevens rather than Quentin Compson - a strange Faulknerian coincidence that is not remarked on in the text (229).