Solon Quick

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Solon Quick
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Quick, Solon
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There are several Quicks living in Frenchman's Bend - Faulkner scholars don't agree on how many. To Brooks, Solon and Lon Quick are one character. Dasher and Kirk, on the other hand, separate them into two characters, which is what we also do in our data. This entry is for Solon, who appears in three Yoknapatawpha fictions as one of the farmers in the Bend. He is a major character in the comic "Shingles for the Lord," where he and Res Grier try to out-smart each other in a dog-and-work swapping transaction. The story also mentions that Quick drives the "school-bus truck" (27) - a bus he made by customizing the body of a truck - that takes the children of Frenchman's Bend to school during the week and the people of Frenchman's Bend to town on Saturdays. He and that bus appear together in "Shall Not Perish," where he charges everyone, even his wife, the same round-trip fare: twenty-five cents. In The Mansion he is only mentioned, by Mink Snopes, as the local man who might have been the one who saw a bear "three years ago" (34).