Narrated by a child of Frenchman's Bend, this tale depicts the rural community's small farmers in both ironically mock-heroic and sincerely respectful terms. One enigmatic "Snopes" appears among them, as one of the narrator's 'us': "we was all there now, all that belonged to that church and used it to be born and marry and die from - us [the Griers] and the Armstids and Tulls, and Bookwright and Quick and Snopes" (41). This may be the only time in the canon that the text does not treat "Snopes" as some form of 'the other' - and there's no way to know which Snopes is there in this moment.

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"Shingles for the Lord"
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Snopeses in Shingles for the Lord
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Snopes - "Shingles for the Lord"