No Snopeses appear directly in Faulkner's third Yoknapatawpha novel. Flem is mentioned three times: twice in connection with the horse that Jewel acquires - "a descendant of those Texas ponies Flem Snopes brought here twenty-five years ago" (134), and once as the "uncle" of the Snopes with whom Anse trades to get a new team of mules (192). In the first case there's a hint that Flem's action took advantage of the men who bought the horses, and in the second that trading with any "Snopes" is risky, but nothing to suggest that somehow Snopeses are a danger to the commonweal. The Snopes with whom Anse trades has "three-four span" of mules, which suggests this member of the family, at least, has already risen from the ranks of sharecroppers (184).

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