Snopes Hotel|Jefferson Hotel (Location Key)


This building - "a big more-or-less unpainted square building just off the Square" (41) - is transformed twice in the course of The Town. It begins as a boarding house "where itinerant cattle drovers and horse- and mule-traders stopped and where were incarcerated, boarded and fed, juries and important witnesses during court term" (41). When I.O. Snopes and his family move in, his number one wife sits rocking on the porch continuously "for the next five years" (41), at which time "the place changed from a boarding house to a warren" called the "SNOPES HOTEL," as announced on a pine board sign "lettered terrifically by hand, with both S's reversed" (41). Flem Snopes owns it, Mrs. Eck Snopes is the landlady, and one of the tenants is Grover Cleveland Winbush (166). Later, Flem sells it, and it is rechristened again: "the Snopes Hotel . . . wasn't the Snopes Hotel anymore but the Jefferson Hotel though the people that stayed there were still the stock traders and juries locked up by the Circuit Court" (378). (But see also the entry for Rouncewell's Boarding House|Commercial Hotel, which in The Town is also called at one point in its history the "Snopes Hotel" - but never the Jefferson Hotel.)

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Snopes Hotel|Jefferson Hotel
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Snopes Hotel|Jefferson Hotel