Snopes, Descendants of Ab

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Snopes, Descendants of Ab
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Snopes, Descendants of Ab
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Many of the many Snopeses who appear in the fictions are "descendants" of Ab Snopes (6), but the specific group referred to in "Barn Burning" is made up of the unnamed Snopeses who are alive in "later years," later, that is to say, than the first introduction of automobiles into Yoknapatawpha - i.e. sometime after about 1920 (6). The narrative notes that the "same quality" that makes Ab handle his mules badly will characterize the way these future Snopeses try to "put a motor car into motion" (6). There is obviously no exact way to locate these characters in either time or space, but after 1920, and in Frenchman's Bend, are plausible choices.