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Snopes 4
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Snopes 4
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The Mansion calls this Snopes "the last" in the sequence of Snopeses who move from Frenchman's Bend to Jefferson, and also "the old one" (136). He is extremely choleric: "fierce eyes under a tangle of eyebrows and a neck that would begin to swell and turn red" as soon as he felt challenged (136). He doesn't actually move into town, but reaches a point "in sight of the town clock" and then refuses to go further (136), settling into a place where he can wage war against the boys who try to raid his "water-melon patch" (137). Some people think he is "Mr Flem's father" (i.e. Ab), while others say he is "just his uncle" (i.e. one of Ab's unnamed brothers, 136). Because he lives with two of I.O. Snopes' children (Bilbo and Vardaman) and they call him "Grampaw" (138), we are assuming he is Flem's uncle and possibly I.O.'s father, and the "old maid daughter" who lives with him another of Flem's many cousins - but those are assumptions.

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