Site where Indians Kill White Men (Location Key)


"A Justice" does not describe the place in the river bottom where Herman Basket and Crawford "overtake" and kill the three white men and talk with the ten unnamed slaves before returning with them to the wrecked steamboat; it is far enough from the sand bar to hide the murder and close enough to the river to allow the Indians to hide the bodies. And although we can't say for sure, it's probably not far from the place where Lion bays Old Ben and Boon Hogganbeck kills him in "The Bear," which is also where Sam Fathers, the last remaining descendant of the tribe of Indians in "A Justice," suffers his fatal collapse. Although there's no reason to assume Faulkner was thinking of the scene in "A Justice" when he wrote "The Bear," this is an example of how complex and layered 'the past' is in Yoknapatawpha, how locations in the fictions are often places in time as well as space.

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Site where Indians Kill White Men
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Site where Indians Kill White Men