Second Day on the Road to Hawkhurst (Location Key)


During their second day of their trip in "Raid" and The Unvanquished, Rosa Millard, Bayard and Ringo travel for a long while through hills and "a country" where "nobody seemed to live at all" (39, 81). "But after a while the hills stopped, the road ran out flat and straight" until "the road we were on ran square into a big broad one running straight on into the east" (39, 82). On this road, they travel by "a burned house like ours; three chimneys standing above a mound of ashes" with a white woman and child "looking at us from a cabin behind them" (40, 82). They continue through a landscape of "burned houses and gins and thrown down fences" (40, 82-83) - signs, as Rosa says, that "the Yankees have already been here" (40, 82). On our maps the location represents our guess about where, at sunset, they "drew off the road and camped" for the night, all three sleeping in the wagon, either in eastern Mississippi or western Alabama (40, 83).

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Second Day on the Road to Hawkhurst
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Second Day on the Road to Hawkhurst