The only Sartoris who appears in Faulkner's second Yoknapatawpha fiction is "old Colonel Sartoris" - and he only appears in Quentin's mind, when near the end of his section, and his life, Quentin evokes the idea of "death as a man something like" his own grandfather, and then imagines death, General Compson and Colonel Sartoris in their Confederate uniforms "on a high place" (176). Although his grandfather outranks the Colonel, Quentin pictures Sartoris "on a still higher place" while Grandfather and death wait for him to "come down" (176). The vision is complex, but it seems to include the idea that the past - when "Grandfather was always right" - was greater and more meaningful than the modern world where Quentin cannot find anything to live for.

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The Sound and the Fury
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