In the prose sections of this novel, four members of the Sartoris family appear as part of the larger history of Yoknapatawpha, though always in summary fashion. John plays the largest role in that story, as the narrative ticks off a series of events that define his public significance: his arrival and leadership in re-building the courthouse, his raising of the regiment and service in the Civil War, his construction of the railroad. John's son is "the banker Bayard Sartoris" (190), whose story is defined by the irony that although he passed that law banning automobiles in Jefferson, he himself died in an automobile accident. That accident is also the one place where his unnamed "grandson" is mentioned, as a former World War I aviator who loses control of a car (190). And although he deletes the space in Aunt Jenny's married name, Faulkner adds an event to the family biography when "Mrs Virginia DuPre, Colonel Sartoris' sister," unveils the Confederate monument in front of the Jefferson courthouse (188).

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Requiem for a Nun
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