The main male line of the Sartoris family is represented in this novel by three generations and in two specific contexts. There is a brief account of one of Colonel John's Civil War exploits (a raid on a Union Army headquarters that recalls the derring-do of John's brother Bayard in Flags in the Dust). And "Mr Bayard Sartoris and his son" are among the townsmen who visit the hunting camp to witness the annual hunt for The Bear (223). His unnamed son is presumably John, the father of Young Bayard and Johnny, the doomed aviators in several other fictions; this intermediate "John" is mentioned in only two other texts, and this is the closest he comes to actually appearing in person.

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Go Down, Moses
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Sartorises in Go Down, Moses (novel)
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Bayard Sartoris - Go Down, Moses
Bayard Sartoris' Son - Go Down, Moses
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