Sanctuary, 64 (Event)

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Temple entered the dining room from the kitchen
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The Twenties (1920-1929)
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Saturday, May 11, 1929

Chapters 8 and 9 describe the evening of May 11 at the Old Frenchman Place from different perspectives, first Tommy's and then Ruby's. Temple enters the dining room. Van grabs her around the waist and tries to sit her down on his lap. Goodwin tells him to let her go. After Van releases her, she backs out of the room into the hall then runs off the porch into the weeds and onto the road. She runs fifty yards down the road in the dark, then decides to run back to the house. She springs onto the porch. Tommy comes out with some food for her. Temple runs around the house and into the kitchen. The others come out to the porch where Tommy is stood with Temple's food. Van goes to the kitchen and asks Temple to go for a walk with him; Ruby tells him to get out. Tommy goes back to the porch where Goodwin is drinking with the others. Van and Gowan start an argument; Goodwin intervenes. Popeye comes out onto the porch and smokes. Tommy walks around the house, pulls back a pane of rusted tin and looks into the bedroom where Temple will sleep. He watches her undress. She puts on two coats and gets into bed. Tommy hears noise from the front porch and goes round to see Gowan and Van fighting. The others manage to break up the fight and bring Gowan back into the house. They kick in the locked door to the bedroom where Temple is in bed. They find her stood in the corner beside the bed. Goodwin and Van drop Gowan into the bed. Ruby, Tommy and Popeye stand near the door watching. Van rips off Temple's raincoat. Goodwin starts a fight with Van. Popeye approaches Temple, but Goodwin tells him to leave her alone. Popeye leaves the room. Goodwin and Tommy carry Van out. Goodwin shakes Temple, then sweeps her up and drops her into the bed beside Gowan. Goodwin and Ruby leave the room and he closes the door behind them. Tommy is stood in the hall and goes to the kitchen to listen to Popeye and Van talking. Goodwin enters and leaves with Van to load up the alcohol. Tommy follows Popeye into the room where Temple and Gowan are in bed; they both watch her then leave. Popeye goes back to the kitchen and Tommy follows as far as the hall. Tommy moves between the porch and the door to the bedroom several times. Goodwin comes back to the house and asks Tommy why he isn't helping. Goodwin leaves with Tommy while Popeye remains at the house.


Temple goes into the dining room where the men are eating. When Van tries to make her sit on his lap she backs out of the room.

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Bullying Violence_Sexual Desire Eating
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