Ruined Mansion and Orchard (Location Key)


In "Gold Is Not Always" and Go Down, Moses, the ground that Lucas Beauchamp 'salts' - buries enough money in to convince the out-of-town salesman that it's the site of a buried antebellum treasure - is almost two hours by car from the McCaslin-Edmonds plantation. The road to it is "a gullied overgrown path winding through hills," leading to an old orchard beside a ruined house that was big enough to have more than one "chimney" - elements which suggests an abandoned antebellum plantation (234, 89). The dismal setting is described identically in the two texts, and includes: "a clump of ragged cedars, the ruins of old chimneys, a depression which was once a well or a cistern, the old worn-out fields stretching away and a few snaggled trees of what had been an orchard" (234, 89). (In "Lizards in Jamshyd's Courtyard" and The Hamlet, Flem Snopes similarly salts the remains of the garden at the Old Frenchman Place. In The Unvanquished the Sartorises do hide their silver from the Yankees by burying it in the orchard next to their big house.)

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Ruined Mansion and Orchard
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Ruined Mansion and Orchard