Road Traveled by the Lynchers (Location Key)


In "Dry September" the lynchers drive "out of town" along a "high road" to get to the "rutted lane" that leads to the ice plant and then return to the high road again to drive still further from town before turning into the "narrow road" that leads to the brick kiln (176, 178, 179). The story isn't explicit about where these roads are, or how far the cars travel, but does seem to suggest the high road leads toward the direction of the rising "twice-waxed moon" (175, 177) - i.e. east. At any rate, that's what our plotting of the story assumes. Hawkshaw is back on "the highroad" when, after the lynching, the emptier two cars pass him on their way back to Jefferson, close enough to town to see the glare of the town "beneath the dust" the cars stir up (179). That dust helps us appreciate that in Yoknapatawpha a "highroad" is not to be confused with a 'highway' in our parlance; the county's highroads are basically the seven main ones that Faulkner drew on both his maps, and throughout the fictions they remain unpaved.

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Road Traveled by the Lynchers
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Road Traveled by the Lynchers