Road to Dumfries and Memphis (Location Key)


The road on which in Sanctuary Popeye drives Temple Drake to Memphis after raping her and killing Tommy at the Old Frenchman place doesn't go through Jefferson. It is possibly the road on which Faulkner locates "Suratt's" on his 1936 map of Yoknapatawpha, though as drawn that road wouldn't take Popeye all the way out of Yoknapatawpha. We assume that the "road to Memphis" on which, in "Tomorrow," Buck Thorpe is caught driving a small herd of stolen cattle (90) is probably the same road; like Popeye, Buck has a good (which is to say, a bad) reason for wanting to take a back way north from Frenchman's Bend. On that basis we also assume it's the road over which about fifteen years earlier, Isham Quick and the Thorpe brothers ride to the Fentrys' farm, and also on which, two or three years later, Gavin and Chick drive from Pruitts' farm to Frenchman's Bend as they trace Thorpe's and Fentry's history.

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Road to Dumfries and Memphis
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Road to Dumfries and Memphis