Rider's Aunt's Cabin (Location Key)


In both "Pantaloon in Black" and Go Down, Moses Rider re-visits the home of the woman who raised him, his unnamed aunt, where he spent most of his life before marrying Mannie: "He could see the lamp in the window as he crossed the pasture, passing the black-and-silver yawn of the sandy ditch where he had played as a boy . . . the garden patch where he had hoed in the spring . . . [and] the grassless yard in whose dust he had sprawled and crept before he learned to walk" (249, 143). When his aunt's husband tells Rider she wants to see him, the phrase he uses is "she wants you to come on home" (245, 138), but as before, when he went from Mannie's funeral to his own rented cabin, the memories his aunt's place evokes just exacerbate his sense of estrangement and exile.

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Rider's Aunt's Cabin
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Rider's Aunt's Cabin