Quick's Sawmill (Location Key)


There are different kinds of mills in the Yoknapatawpha fictions - including grist mills, corn mills and molasses mills - but the one in Frenchman's Bend that the Quicks own is undoubtedly a sawmill, one of several around the county. Turning trees into lumber is one of the staples of the Yoknapatawpha economy. In "Tomorrow" Quick's mill has Negro workers and a "boiler" (unlike for example Varner's 'water mill' elsewhere in the Bend), and it "shuts down for the winter" when the "bottom," which is where the trees are, "gets wet" - which would make it difficult to get the trees that have been felled out of the bottom and to the mill (103). The Hamlet mentions the mill's "sawdust pile," where part of the trees always ends up (78). Neither text provides a clue to where in the Bend this mill is.

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Quick's Sawmill
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Quick's Sawmill