Quicks' Farm (Location Key)


The Quicks are a Frenchman's Bend family who are hard to place on either a family tree - is Lon Quick the same person as Solon Quick? - or a map; in some texts they're farmers, in others they own a sawmill as well - or perhaps instead. But we assume Ben Quick and his son Isham (in "Tomorrow") live in the same place as Lon Quick (in As I Lay Dying and Solon Quick (in "Shingles for the Lord"), and that it is a farm. According to "Shingles," the Quicks own the farm, which in Dying is large enough to include the forty-acre patch that Jewel Bundren clears. In The Hamlet Suratt travels to Ben Quick's farm from Frenchman's Bend by going to the "river bridge" and then "a little more than a mile beyond it" (91); we are assuming "beyond" means 'on the other side of the bridge' - which is the same side as the Bundren place - but that is a speculation.

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Quicks' Farm
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Quicks' Farm