Places around Frenchman's Bend (Location Key)


The Hamlet refers to a number of various events that occur in the general Frenchman's Bend area, which we gather into this single entry. These include the political campaign events Will Varner attends at "country churches or on the edges of groves" (142); the "homes of other girls" where Eula Varner often stays "overnight" (143); the sites of several "picnics" (142) and dances - which the narrative picturesquely calls "plank-trampling fiddle-impregnated destinations" (151); the tenant farm Varner owns, where he is having an affair with the farmer's wife in a "sylvan Pan-hallowed retreat" in "a thicket beside the creek near her house" (156); the pasture on "another place which Varner owns" where a "herd of good Hereford" cattle appears (68); and the "stable shed a few miles from village" where Ratliff sees a surrey which one of Eula's suitors used to ride (165).

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Places around Frenchman's Bend
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Places around Frenchman's Bend