Peddlers Field Old Town (Location Key)


This place in Yoknapatawpha is mentioned in Intruder in the Dust and no where else - though The Hamlet includes a brief mention of a 'Burtsboro Old Town,' which has a separate entry in this index. When word reaches Jefferson about Vinson Gowrie's death, the sheriff is not there because he has gone "down into the opposite corner of the county" (27). We are assuming that this is the same as the place Gavin Stevens refers to later that day, when he says he phoned the sheriff "down at Peddlers Field Old Town" (34). If that's correct, and if "opposite" here means opposite to the corner where the murder has occurred, then this place is in southwestern Yoknapatawpha, the part of the county least visited by Faulkner's imagination. It's probably a hamlet, like Frenchman's Bend.

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Peddlers Field Old Town
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Peddlers Field Old Town