Pascagoula, Mississippi (Location Key)


The shipyard where Linda Kohl works during World War II in The Mansion is in a real Mississippi town on the Gulf of Mexico. Historically, Pascagoula is part of an important military-industrial complex that includes the U.S. Naval Station Pascagoula on Singing River Island and the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corporation on the east bank of the Pascagoula River. In addition to the shipyard, the narrative includes the beach, the hotel where Linda and Gavin Stevens stay in separate rooms, and a "joint . . . with the radio going full blast" where they eat supper (276). Like the rest of Mississippi, Pascagoula is still 'dry' at this time - i.e. it is illegal to sell alcohol - which is why the waitress at that joint can only bring "glasses and ice," while Stevens has to bring "the flask" himself (276).

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Pascagoula, Mississippi
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Pascagoula, Mississippi

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