"Pantaloon in Black", 248 (Event)

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He could see the lamp in the window
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The Depression (1930-1940)
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Friday, August 2, 1940 to Saturday, August 31, 1940

two time periods, the present and the remembered, passage of memory might begin with 249 “with empty snuff-tins…before he had learned to walk” – the phrase “while his aunt stood sentry over him from the kitchen window” seems to belong to both time periods, there is also a rapid recap of his life in the phrase “across the moon-dappled yard…began to call him Rider” pp 249-250 where he goes from childhood to his young rambling days to his decision to be with Mannie

Another moment of transition, both geographical and temporal, as Rider runs away from his aunt, who calls after him using his childhood name. This section is the first to offer a glimpse of Rider’s life before not only Mannie, but also his adolescence and early adulthood. The lining up of “Spoot” and “Rider,” however, draws attention to the fact that the reader does not know if there is a third name for the protagonist, one for the period of his marriage.
CUT SUMMARY: Rider’s turn toward his aunt’s house calls up a host of childhood memories. As she presses him to turn from whisky to religion, his responses continue the thread of defiance and challenge that has marked his behavior since Mannie’s burial.
CUT KEYWORD: religion, childhood, non-nuclear family, lying, challenge, God, naming, childhood, movement, transition, family, two time periods the present and the remembered


Rider reaches his aunt's house.

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Homecoming, Light
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