Old Barn beside Road (Location Key)


This is one of the locations that Faulkner moves around Yoknapatawpha whenever a new story requires it. The first time he tells the story about the ill-fated results of trying to beat Pat Stamper in a horse-trade - in "Fool about a Horse" - the "old barn" in which Pap and his son take shelter from the rain is on the road between Frenchman's Bend and Jefferson, "about five miles from home" (132). Their "home" is a tenant farm in the Bend. The second time Faulkner tells the story, however, in The Hamlet, the role of Pap is played by Ab Snopes, and at that point in his life Ab cannot live in Frenchman's Bend (where his first arrival in that area takes place after the misadventure with Stamper). Because in the novel he lives in a different part of the county, the "old barn" has to be on a different road (47). Some things don't change: while waiting in each barn, the men who made the trade get the same surprise that Stamper had promised about their new horse.

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Old Barn beside Road
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Old Barn beside Road