Okatoba County (Location Key)


"Okatoba County" is a hard place to pin down. According to "Hand upon the Waters," it is "just across" the river that forms the southern border of Yoknapatawpha in some of the fictions, and Mottstown is its county seat (78) - though elsewhere that county is named Grenier, and in Intruder in the Dust Mottstown is the seat of "Mott County" (184). In the fantasy that Chick Mallison has in Intruder about Miss Habersham driving through the three counties that lie on three sides of Yoknapatawpha, "Okatoba" seems to lie along Yoknapatawpha's western border (184). In "Appendix: Compson," "Okatoba" is the site of the original Indian Agency that in other fictions is located inside the boundary of the future Yoknapatawpha County; according to that text, in 1860 Okatoba is still called "Old Jefferson" (328).

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Okatoba County
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Okatoba County

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