Non-Yoknapatawpha Tenant Farms Ab Snopes Worked (Location Key)


Ab Snopes, the father of Flem and Sarty, is a sharecropper who has repeatedly moved with his family from one "worn-out tenant farm" to another (The Town, 275). According to "Barn Burning," in his young life Sarty has lived at "a dozen" of them (8). At the beginning of "Barn Burning" Ab is a tenant on land owned by a man named Harris, whose property is in Grenier County just south of Yoknapatawpha. Since Jody and Will Varner have not heard of the Snopeses when at the start of The Hamlet Ab contracts to work one of the Varner farms in Frenchman's Bend, it seems that most of the tenant farms where Ab and his family worked were out of Yoknapatawpha, but they are never described or specified; that's why we use the location we assign Harris' tenant farm as the place for all the others. There are three Yoknapatawpha landlords for whom Ab works as a tenant farmer in various texts: De Spain ("Barn Burning"), Anse Holland (The Hamlet) and Will Varner (the Snopes trilogy) - these farms all have their own entries in this index.

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Non-Yoknapatawpha Tenant Farms Ab Snopes Worked
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Non-Yoknapatawpha Tenant Farms Ab Snopes Worked