New Subdivisions in Jefferson (Location Key)


According to Requiem for a Nun, as part of the growth of the town of Jefferson a number of "new subdivisions" with names like "Fairfield or Longwood or Halcyon Acres" are built on lots "which had once been the lawn or back yard or kitchen garden of the old residences" (196). The "new minute glass-walled houses set as neat and orderly and antiseptic as cribs in a nursery ward" are ranged around "the old obsolete columned houses" of an earlier day (196). This kind of housing development is first mentioned in the "Appendix" that Faulkner wrote to The Sound and the Fury in the mid-1940s; although such developments are historically a post-World War II phenomenon, the one in that text is built on the Compson estate in the 1930s. "Eula Acres," the subdivision developed by Flem Snopes on the Compson land in The Mansion, is built after the war; see its entry in this index.

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New Subdivisions in Jefferson
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New Subdivisions in Jefferson