Negro Schoolhouse in County (Location Key)


In "Pantaloon in Black" this "negro schoolhouse about two miles from the sawmill" is the location where lynched Rider's body is found, "hanging from the bell rope" that would have been pulled to call the children into school in the morning (252, 147). Throughout the Yoknapatawpha fictions, segregation meant that black and white children attended different schools; although in "There Was a Queen" Isom mentions what he has learned in the school he attended, this schoolhouse in rural Yoknapatawpha and the school that Aleck Sander goes to in Intruder in the Dust are the only two 'Negro schools' used as Locations. Curiously, both of them appear in the context of lynchings: the one that happens to Rider here, and the one looms over Lucas Beauchamp in Intruder.

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Negro Schoolhouse in County
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Negro Schoolhouse in County