Negro Cabins around Burden Place (Location Key)


This entry represents "several negro cabins" in Light in August (257), though it's not certain how many. Joanna Burden's house stands in what is called "a region of negro cabins and gutted and outworn fields" (287). Before the Burden family moved into the house it was a plantation, and some of these may be former slave cabins like the one Joe Christmas moves into. But as a group the cabins can be found on both sides "up and down the road" past the big house and along the paths "which radiate from [her] house like wheelspokes" (257). In one of them, not "over two hundred yards away" from the cabin where Joe lived, is a black woman whom Byron calls "old enough to be sensible" (314).

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Negro Cabins around Burden Place
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Negro Cabins around Burden Place