Nate's Cabin (Location Key)


Located past the store in Frenchman's Bend and a quarter of a mile to the right of the turn for Lonnie Grinnup's cabin, this cabin is where Nate lives with his wife. Nate and his wife are black, and their presence in Frenchman's Bend in "Hand upon the Waters" contradicts what Faulkner says elsewhere about the absence of Negroes from that part of Yoknapatawpha. The few other Negroes who live in the Bend almost all work for whites as servants, but the brief account of Nate's in this story suggests it is a farm. When Gavin Stevens arrives at there on his way to Lonnie Grinnup's camp, however, it is too "dark" to see anything but its "littered yard" (79). (See also Negro Farm with Bull and Negro Cabin near Bend in this index.)

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Nate's Cabin
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Nate's Cabin

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