Mrs. Tubbs|Tubb

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Mrs. Tubbs|Tubb
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Tubbs|Tubb, Mrs.
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In Intruder in the Dust, the wife of the county jailer is only mentioned when the jailer, a man named "Tubbs," says "I got a wife and two children" (52). She appears in both the prose and the dramatic sections of Act III in Requiem for a Nun, though she is only named when in the latter jailer Tubbs mentions "Mrs Tubbs" (208). The prose section describes her as a woman "engaged in something as intimate as cooking a meal" (200). In Yoknapatawpha, the jailer and his family lived in the jail, and it is in that domestic setting that, in The Mansion, the wife of jailer "Tubb" takes surprisingly personal care of Montgomery Ward Snopes while he is in the jail awaiting trial - surprising at least to the folks in town, because of Snopes' involvement with pornography, though Homer Bookwright offers an explanation when he notes that she is "human too, even if she is a woman" (70).