Mrs. Odlethrop's House (Location Key)


"Monk" refers to the house where Monk lives as a child with Mrs. Odlethrop as "a log house" (43). Faulkner sometimes uses the word "house" to refer to what we would call a "cabin," especially when it's a 'cabin' occupied by white people, but the only detail we get about the site is that Mrs. Odlethrop keeps "a loaded shotgun standing just inside the front door" (43). That detail is explained by what the narrative says about the section of Yoknapatawpha in which the house stands: in "the pine hill country in the eastern part of our county . . . where even the sheriff did not go," where the Scotch-Irish inhabitants "intermarried and made whiskey and shot at all strangers" (43).

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Mrs. Odlethrop's House
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Mrs. Odlethrop's House

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