Mr. Garraway

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Mr. Garraway
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Garraway, Mr.
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In The Town Mr. Garraway owns the store at Seminary Hill. Gavin Stevens describes him physically as "an old man with an old man's dim cloudy eyes magnified and enormous behind the thick lenses of his iron-framed spectacles" (328). Gavin describes him morally in a more complex way: Garraway never "wittingly or unwittingly harmed anyone black or white, not serious harm: not more than adding a few extra cents to what it would have been for cash, when the article went on credit; or selling to a Negro for half-price or often less (oh yes, at times even giving it to him) the tainted meat or rancid lard or weevilled flour or meal he would not have permitted a white man - a Protestant gentile white man of course - to eat at all out of his store" (330).

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