Miss Corrie

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Miss Corrie
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Corrie, Miss
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A major character in The Reivers. "Miss Corrie," as she is called when Lucius first meets her (99) - or "Everbe," as he calls her after learning later in the narrative that her given names are "Everbe Corinthia" (153) - was born in Kiblett, Arkansas. After her mother's death, her foster-mother put her to work as a prostitute "as soon as she was big enough" (154). She is, Lucius notes when he first meets her at Miss Reba's, "a big girl," "still a girl, young too, with dark hair and blue eyes and at first I thought her face was plain" (99). Over the course of the story Lucius learns to appreciate both the beauty of her face and of her character. Despite her past, she preserves both an innocence and a generosity of spirit. After Lucius fights for her (already but not fatally compromised) honor, she decides to renounce her profession; on its last page, the narrative rewards both her and Lucius for her reformation.

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